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Is Naked and Afraid Real?

One of the things I like most about “Naked and Afraid” is that the show is REAL. Or, at least it appears to be. Is Naked and Afraid Real? Ever since Bear Gylls admitted...

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Should I Buy Rhodium?

When you look around the world, there is a lot of uncertainty: the Chinese economy is cooling, oil prices have thoroughly racked Russia and most OPEC countries (with the exception of Saudia Arabia for...

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Steve Rankin’s Foot Picture

While scouting locations for Discover Channel’s show, Naked and Afraid, producer Steve Rankin was bit by a venomous snake. Here is a picture from Twitter of what the snake bite looked like at the...

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Alone – Survival TV Show

Alone is a reality TV show produced by Leftfield Entertainment and played on the History channel. Season 1 premiered on June 18, 2015. On this show 10 contestants are dropped off on an island...

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Naked And Afraid – Into The Wild

Naked and Afraid “Into the Wild” season 5, episode 1, premiers March 13, 2016. I will be updating this page as the show airs.   Much of the content here has moved to: