Alone – Once More Unto the Breach

The first episode of Alone season 2 is here! Woohooo!! It is called “Once More Unto the Breach”.

I am very happy this show had a second season. Who’s going to win the $500k?

In this episode the contestants are dropped off on Vancouver Island.

Day 1

Desmond arrives and sees bear scat almost immediately. Everywhere he goes he hears a noise. Within hours, he’s freakin’ out. Scat here, scat there, scat everywhere. A few hours in, Desmond taps out!

Larry becomes very frustrated and can’t seem to find level ground.

Mary’s stuff is all wet and she says she is screwed. I’m not sure if her sleeping bag got wet or not. She brought a down sleeping bag, apparently with no cover.

Tracy is near a beach and there are mussels everywhere. They are one of her favorite foods. There are enough mussels to last her 6 months. Unfortunately, due to red tide, she is unable to consume any of the mussels. She sets up a camp and gets a fire lit and lies down.

Unfortunately History showed none of the other contestants in this episode. Are they doing better? Worse? Who knows.

Most of the remainder of the show was Larry, Tracy and Mary. Larry complains and complains, Tracy does very well and appears organized, and Mary rebuilds her tarp – tent in an effort to get things dry after getting them wet again.

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