Alone – Winter’s Fury

History’s Alone show – Winter’s Fury, is Season 2 Episode 11 and I will be live blogging this episode here on July 7 2016 and also following along on Twitter as @lenraleigh.

Some of the contestants are on twitter as well so be sure to check out #AloneShow during the episode! It is a blast.

Pre-episode questions I have: Nicole has been freaking out; will she find a new source of food? Will her salmon come back? Will she get too hungry and tap out? Why is this episode called “Winter’s Fury”? Does bad weather come? A preview showed hail and ice. Are these people ready do this?

Quote of the show:

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Winter’s Fury – Recap

Nicole is watching with her son!


David goes crabbing

David has success catching some crabs. Yum! I would love to have supper with him. What kind of crab? Dungeness Crab (wikipedia definition).

A Twitter user claims that these are Northern Kelp Crabs. idk.

Jose finds a barrel

The barrel is covered with mussels and Jose is really hungry. He was warned prior to the show beginning that he should not eat bicuspids due to red tide, a potentially fatal mistake. Jose eats them! Will he be ok?? He thinks they are fine as they drifted in from deeper waters.

Nicole isn’t looking so hot…

It is day 52 and 4 people remain. Nicole is out of salmon. What will she do? Nicole says she is cold. She is grabbing wood, burning it, and repeating the process. Not fun.

Nicole says she has never missed one of her kid’s birthdays. But, today she has missed one. It isn’t looking good. Will she tap?

What the hail?

That isn’t freezing rain, it’s hail. Do these people have any food packed away? Will anyone tap out today?

Nicole is hungry

The next day Nicole shows us how to use a plant called equisetum, which can grow silcates on the stem, an abrasive good for cleaning things such as metal or teeth. Her knowledge has helped her a lot on this journey. She locates 1 huckleberry. Dang. I’m getting hungry just watching her!

Pitch glue

David finds some pitch. He makes a glue out of it and uses some cedar shavings to make fire starter- enough to last him for weeks. Now this, this is survival! He is preparing for what lies ahead.

Will Larry make it much longer?

Larry squished mouse and is signing about going home. He imagines a beach with drinks with umbrellas in them.

Day 56

Jose notes that it is day #56. This is significant as Alan won Season #1 on day 56. Joe’s kayak is holding up well. Jose says he misses his wife and that he is satisfied with what he has accomplished.

Nicole taps out!!!

Nicole is cold and hungry. She has missed her kid’s birthday. She says she feels in her gut her kids need her. She says you “only get one chance to raise your kids”. True. I think Nicole did great! Great job, Nicole!! It was awesome watching you. Nicole points out that she has made herself at home and the birds don’t alarm when she strolls by.

Bye Nicole!


Next Week

Next week looks tough. The food is almost gone, it is freezing, I think that Season 2 of Alone will be coming to a close soon!

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