Alone – The End Game

Season 2, Episode 13 of History’s Alone Sho, originally aired July 14 2016, right after episode 12.

This episode’s quote is “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.” – William Barclay.

It appears that this will be the last episode. Jose, Larry & David remain, but at the end of the last episode, Jose had fallen into frigid water.

Jose taps out

On the last episode, Jose fell into the water! Is he going to make it?! That looks COLD. Dang. Poor Jose. Go get warm dude! Jose continues to stand in the water, sort of in disbelief. He tells his wife he is sorry and says he feels like a failure. Pssh, no way. Jose, you did amazing!

Day 60, 2 people remain. Larry & David!

At this point I am a huge fan over everyone that has played, especially these two.
These 2 are both suffering physically. The weather is getting colder. They both need fat and protein. David wants human interaction. Larry wants $500,000.

These guys are both pretty much done for at this point, but, they aren’t going to tap out at the same time, are they?

Larry taps!

Larry lasted longer than I would have. Wow. It was great watching Larry on this journey. Do it again!! hehehe

David Wins!

104/72 is David’s blood pressure when the EMTs come to check him out. He things it is a routine checkup and has no idea that he has won.

The cameramen are recording him when his daughter comes sneaking up from behind him to congratulate him.

He is in disbelief.

Congrats David!! Someone get this guy a cheeseburger!




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