Alone – Hunger’s Grip

alone logoAlone, Hunger’s Grip, Is Season 2 Episode 4 and originally aired on May 12, 2016.

The quote used at the beginning of this episode is:

“The instinct to survive will never change, neither will the human body’s amazing ability to endure.” – John “Lofty” Wiseman

Alone – Hunger’s Grip – Season 2 Episode 4

This episode resumes the Alone series with Tracy still having bears in her campsite.

During the encounter, a message appears on the screen which states “70% of bear attacks happen to people camping alone”.

It turns out it was a mamma bear and her cubs. Yikes! I’d be freakin’ out. Tracy holds it together very well. She uses her air horn and flare.

After the encounter, Tracy taps out. She says that she has enough conflict and fighting.

Day 8

Day 8 begins with 7 contestants remaining.

Mike wakes up and was dreaming of kissing his wife. It turns out a slug was sliding across his lips! Eeew!! I guess it is a good thing the slug was there and not anywhere else on his body.

He works on his home. Mike is amazing and has built all kinds of stuff. He has shelves, split wood, tables, stoves, a hand washing station with a pedal rigged to a jug which dispenses water. He says he has everything but his wife. I somehow miss mine when he says this even though she is on the next couch over from me as I type this.

David wakes up and tells the camera he’s been thinking of tacos and a bucket of chicken. His gill net looks like it is far too small to catch fish. He uses some rope which washed up on shore to make a gill net with larger holes.

Justin catches a fish in his hammock, which doubles as a gill net. The fish he caught was a ratfish.

Larry is on the hunt for food. He has a fishing line and a gill net out but has been coming up empty. He builds a spear. Larry isn’t looking so hot and appears very hungry. Things could be better for Larry. He almost catches a fish in his gill net but it escapes. Larry is getting discouraged.

Finally, on his fishing line, he checks it and he has a large fish. He kills it and then notices he has a second fish! Then over on his other line, he has 2 more! Wow, Larry will be eating well tonight.

Larry later cooks his fish. He fillets them, losing some meat, however, he saves the bones and misc parts to cook up for tomorrow’s breakfast. Great idea, Larry!

Nicole sets up her first gill net. She puts it near where she spotted the bears on the previous episode. I’m not sure if I would have placed it in bear territory. Actually, I wouldn’t have if another option existed… I’d just let those bears have that area and the fish there all to themselves.

The next day Nicole goes back to check her gill net, and the bear are present. She bravely attempts to inch closer and the mamma bear stands up on her hind legs. Nicole begins her retreat, and, the episode ends.

What will happen to Nicole? Will she get her gill net back?

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