Alone – Storm Rising

alone logoAlone – Storm Rising – is Season 2 Episode 5 and will air on May 19 2016. This page will be updated just after the show airs or while it airs. I’ll also be on Twitter commenting @Lenraleigh.


Before the show Questions:

What do you think will happen? Will the survivalists be able to handle the storm? Will Nicole get her gill net back? If so, are there fish in it? Will Mike’s tarp survive the storm? Mike has some cool gadgets but I question his shelter. Will everyone get wet? Will Larry be discouraged? What has Jose been up to? Will David have gotten food, or will he hunker down while starving?

Storm Rising – Live Blog

I thought the intro said Justin is swinging around on his rope swing.

David’s fish net isn’t working. He thinks of how nice it would be to win the 500k.

Nicole goes to check her gill net after the bears are gone. She has something, what is it?? It is huge!!

It’s day 11 and Nicole has captured a huge Chum Salmon!

Nicole Alone Show

Nicole with her Chum Salmon

History just tweeted this GIF out:

10.5 miles away is Justin. Justin is working out and has a gym going. Will he burn too many calories? I wouldn’t be doing that, but apparently it is helping him mentally!

David get a cane fishing pole. This guy is hungry. I actually feel bad for him at this point. He sits down and contemplates his hunger. Quit wishin’, go fishin’!! He goes fishing, and after several hours, he hooks something!! It is a rockfish. Wooohooo David!

Randy is building a massive cabin!! Wow this thing is awesome. I have high hopes for Randy and Jose. Then again, Randy’s shelter has 3 walls. Hmm..

Nicole has a feeling that rain is coming. She has a really nice shelter going too. It looks great! Will it rain?

Storm coming in!

The first big storm rolls in. There are high winds and lots of rain.

Nicole’s shelter is bone dry!! Wow, Nicole! I think she has won this episode! What will she make next, a rocking chair & a TV?

Larry, I think, added a urinal to his hut. Sweet. He is really excited about it.

Jose caught a salmon.

Nicole is on Twitter!

Nicole Apelian @NicoleApelian is on Twitter right now, talking with fans while she watches the Alone Show for the first time. This is cool, she gets to see everyone’s shelter the same time we do. That is pretty awesome.

Justin Vititoe is on Twitter, too!

Just bumped into him a minute ago. How cool is that?

Follow him here if you want: @Justin_Vititoe

Day 14

Randy is out checking his traps. Randy caught a mouse. Yuck!! I guess if you haven’t eaten in 14 days I’d eat just about anything. Wow…. I’d be fishin’ though…

A note pops up on the screen which says a mouse has more protein than 2 large eggs. I guess that is good… Randy eats the mouse, teeth and all.

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