Carleigh Fairchild – Alone Show Season 3 Patagonia

Carleigh Fairchild, from Alone Show, Season 3, Patagonia, goes by “Carleigh” on the show.

About Carleigh

Carleigh is a 28yr old carpenter from Edna Bay Alaska.

Edna Bay Alaska is only accessible by float plane or boat.

Carleigh has experience building shelters, building baskets, weaving, skinning and tanning hides, and much more

My prediction

I think Carleigh is going to do great.

Carleigh’s 10 survival items:

1. Sleeping Bag: -30°, synthetic
2. Water Canister: 64 oz metal water bottle
3. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle
4. Ferro Rod
5. Axe
6. Saw: folding pruning saw w/ long handle
7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks, 100 lb test & 20 lb test
8. Knife: full tang
9. Rations
10. More Rations

Eternal Darkness Episode

Carleigh is in good spirits. She says it is beautiful where she is, and she is working on her shelter still. I like her shelter a lot, it is going to be a “stacked debris” shelter. Her shelter is looking pretty good until it collapses. OOPS. Oh well, at least it happened now.

Carleigh is feeling a little sad, tired, and unhappy. Hang in there Carleigh!

“The Lone Wolf” episode

On Day 36 of this episode, Carleigh says she loves her home! That is great.. She watches the silhouette of the mountains nearby as the sun sets, and admires the stars. She mentions she would like to sleep out under the stars on the beach at least once before leaving, then, she sees a big cat in the distance. Scary!!

I hope we see more of Carleigh soon! Will she be on “Along Came a Spider”?


To see how all of the other contestants are doing please go here to see my master page which lists all of the contestants and tracks all of their progress: Alone Show Season 3 – Patagonia.

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