Dual Survival Season 8 Information


Below is information about Dual Survival season #8.

Image above from Jeff Zausch’s Tweet here.

When will Dual Survival Season 8 Premier?

Dual Survival season 8 will premier on June 15 2016 at 9PM Eastern Time.

Who will be on Dual Survival Season 8?

This season Dual Survival is taking a whole new format. Grady Powell is the host. With him on each episode will be other survivalists. Confirmed guests include Air Force vet Bo McGlone and New Zealand bushman Joshua James. At the moment it is unclear if Bo & Joshua will be joining simultaneously or in different episodes.

Also joining will be contestants from Naked and Afraid! EJ and Jeff Zausch will be joining Grady as well. Naked and Afraid meets Dual Survival!

List of Episodes

As episodes are released I will update the list of episodes here.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think about the new format!

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3 Responses

  1. PD says:

    Discovery, what. Were. You. Thinking? I’m sure EJ and the ‘screamy guy’ from Naked and Afraid are great people, but it was absolutely unfathomable why you would remove Grady from Dual Survival.
    Grady always bought honour, respect, knowledge and provenance to the show, he is he real deal.

    This is a massive miss-step.

  2. David Weaver says:

    Not a fan so far of season 8 team I’m a fan of naked and afraid not EJ and Jeff Z sry won’t be watching

  3. generic says:

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