Is Naked and Afraid Real?

One of the things I like most about “Naked and Afraid” is that the show is REAL. Or, at least it appears to be.

Is Naked and Afraid Real?

Ever since Bear Gylls admitted his show was fake and several other “reality” shows like Storage Wars faced allegations of not being real at all, you have to wonder if Naked and Afraid is staged or not.

Naked and Afraid vs Dual Survival

One day I watched Dual Survival. The guys had just crafted a bow and arrow, shot a turkey, and had it on a rotisserie above a fire while they laid back in a hammock, all of which they built from scratch.

Next I turned on Naked and Afraid. It felt much more REAL. The contestants were covered from head to toe in insect bites, rib cages showing through their famished skin, and they were vomiting in agony.

Now THAT is Naked and Afraid if you ask me!

Allegations of a Fake Show

In this exclusive interview, it comes out that after being sick for days, allegedly a contestant was given baby food and an IV. I do not know if this is true or not. Heck, if I was producing the show, I may have done the same thing, BUT, I would have informed the viewers.


For the most part, the show appears real, or at least as real as it gets. People come out really beat up and down as much as 30lbs in 21 days.

Did someone get an IV after being dehydrated? Possibly- I mean if you’ve gotten that far and need the footage and can fix the problem with 75 cents worth of baby food, it may happen. Heck, if I were stuck in the Amazon and you offered me a Snickers bar and a heated blanket and told me to keep my mouth shut, who knows, I may even take you up on it.

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4 Responses

  1. Gloria says:

    I tip my hat to any and all contestants that ventures into Naked &Afraid, even at my best in my younger day would I take on that challenge even if money was offered my answer would be NO!!!

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  3. Carl A Chase says:

    they just had a, episode where one of the survivors was lost for almost 3hr. in the swamps of fl. And not one time did she yell out to the people searching for her…Give me a break!!!!!!!

    • Luxi Turna says:

      No, she was dazed and confused. It was legit.
      However, they were only a couple of miles from houses. It was a Florida state park. I lived only a few miles away. They used the same park twice under different names, BTW.

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