Can Players Bring Guns or Firearms to Naked and Afraid?

taurus pistolContestants on Discover channel’s reality TV show Naked and Afraid are not allowed to bring firearms, pistols, handguns, rifles or any other type of firearm.

The most valuable things players bring to survive with is usually a pot, knife, machete, hatchet or fire-starting device.

Besides, the show is called Naked and Afraid, not armed and confident!

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Pros and Cons to guns during a survival situation

I’m personally a whole lot more comfortable with a gun by my side and sleep much better with one. Have I ever needed it or would I probably not. While they put my mind at ease and create a peaceful environment for me as long as I don’t hang a salmon off my neck in bear country I probably wouldn’t need it often. Although it would definitely be great for hunting and getting protein, if you are able to trap and fish you should be ok without it as long as you don’t need the red meat. If you can survive without a gun for a few weeks you’ll save time as you won’t need to carry around the few extra pounds and ammo and worry about keeping everything clean and functional.

Would you take a gun with you?

What kind?

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7 Responses

  1. Carol grego says:

    Why can’t you bring a firearm on the show naked afraid

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  3. Anonymous says:

    For my item I have a fully functional rhino tank

  4. Amyjo9 says:

    I would bring a 20-day supply of food, and hope my partner brought a 10-person tent (or alternatively a 20-day supply of beer).

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would bring a mp412 rex

  6. Anonymous says:

    m61 vulcan or m134 minigun

  7. Jeff says:

    What about air rifles?

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