Naked and Afraid – Special: Double Jeopardy

Naked and Afraid Special: Double Jeopardy was Season 1 Episode 8 and originally aired on December 8 2013. This episode was filmed in the jungle of Panama and featured contestants Cassie DePecol, Forrest Galante, Manu Toigo and Russell Sage.

Forrest Galante is on twitter @ForrestGalante and you can read his bio on discovery here. In a nutshell, Forrest grew up in Zimbabwe and is self taught in survival training. Forrest also did a great AMA on reddit where he states that Cassie did “next to nothing”. It would really suck to have a partner like Cassie on this type of show. On the AMA Forrest gives his tips for survival which are:

The main Keys to survival are:

1) Water- It rained 19 of our 21 days, so this was no challenge!!, we just had to cut bamboo to store it in.

2) Shelter- This was a challenge, as although building a shelter is easy, building one that keeps out torrential downpour for weeks at a time out of nothing is very challenging!

3) Food- Fortunately, if you know how and where to look natural food is all around. We had oysters, fish, lobster, limpets, snails, fruits, mushrooms, clams and more!

4) Fire- Used to keep warm, cook food and boil water. In our case this was much less of a necessity as we had plenty of fresh rainfall and edible fruits and fish that could be consumed safely raw. We did however manage to get a fire using Russell’s fire starter on day 10.

Cassie DePecol was one of the other contestants and in on twitter @cassiedepecol. Her Discovery bio is here.

Manu: A lot of people want to know which Naked and Afraid contestant almost died or which player got Dengue Fever. This is the episode that they are thinking of. Manu got Dengue Fever which would become hemorrhagic. Initially the doctros thought she was anemic but she made it back to the hospital just in time to avoid death. Manu is active on Twitter @meshellmanu. Manu will be on National Geographic soon on “Mygrations”.

Russel Sage‘s Discovery bio is here. He is a survival educator from Connecticut. He spent time with his dad in Yosemite National Park learning advanced survival techniques.

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