Naked and Afraid – 23 Days – Live Blog

Naked and Afraid – 23 Days – is Season 5, Episode 13 of Discovery Channel’s show “Naked and Afraid”.

I am going to live blog this episode below. This page will be updated while it airs. I’ll also be on Twitter commenting @Lenraleigh.

Wasn’t the last episode called “23 Days”?

Time Warner Cable incorrectly listed the last episode, Strength in Pain, as “23 days” in their guide. Why? I have no idea.

Why is the episode called 23 days?

Why was this called 23 days? Do the contestants fail to make it to the extraction point? Do they lose track of time? Is there an emergency? Does something go wrong? Are they having so much fun they don’t want to leave? Does one of them tap out?

Let’s find out!

23 Days – where and who?

Naked and Afraid – 23 Days is filmed in Namibia. Prior to the show airing, the description was:A book-smart greenhorn and a rock climber take on the savannah of Namibia. Also, a former survivalist returns.

This is just a shot in the dark but from previews I am guessing one of the contestants, Holly Simmons, taps out. Don Nguyen appears to be doing very well. Maybe when Holly Simmons taps out a previous survivalist comes in to replace her.

Don Nguyen is a 28 year old rock climbing guide. According to his Discovery bio, Don is book smart and has studied ethnology of hunter/gatherer cultures, zoology, tropical ecology and botany. His bio reads: “Don is a first-generation American and was born in Oklahoma City’s Little Saigon. His parents were refugees of the Vietnam War.”

Holly Simmons is a rock climbing instructor from Fayetteville North Carolina. Her Discovery bio reads that “Holly is from Wasilla and she grew up hiking, climbing and rafting all around Alaska. She became interested in survival at a young age.”

Does Holly not eat fruit?

This will be one of the biggest questions going in to this episode. A priview shows Don making a HUGE discovery- fresh fruit!

Done eating fruit on "23 Days"

Then he offers some to Holly who says “Eww”.

I’m not sure how anyone in a survival situation turns away fresh fruit! Isn’t that like going to a steakhouse and telling the server you hate beef?

Day 1

And it begins…

So Don is a total geek. He says he thinks that strangers should be naked together more often.

Will Holly tap out? Twitter Poll

let’s see what Twitter says but it isn’t looking very good.

The results are in and most people think she will tap.

Don has stated that he is a team player. Maybe discovery will take Tammy out and bring in a new player!

Day 2

Wow I was right. Tammy taps out!!

Will they bring in a new partner??

Day 3

Amber! Discovery brings in Amber who was in the episode in the Everglades who had to tap out on day 16. Will she redeem herself???

Amber is eating the fruit that Holly wouldn’t eat.

Day 4 & 5

They seem to be having some issues. Don is a bit pushy. He is asking Amber to bury her poo and for her support on misc things.

Day 6

Don and Amber are out collecting items for their shelter and the local monkeys invade! They steal their food.

Day 7

Amber makes spears for them to hunt with. They hunt and fish to no avail.

At night Amber says her boob hurts. She has breast implants and says she thought she felt liquid coming from her fake boob.

Day 8

They collect fire wood and it turns into a bitching festival.

By the end of the day they calm down.

Day 9 – Amber taps out!

Amber’s boob hurts so much she feels that she must tap out! She’s outta there!

Did her boob pop?

Can Don survive??

Clarence is on a commercial and the ad says he’ll be on Naked and Afraid XL season #2!

Day 10

Don is all alone.

At night he is happy with his fire and says it helps other animals know that he in not a lost baboon.

Day 11

Don builds a fish trap. He read about the trap in boy scout manuals.

That night a hippo strolls by his camp.

Day 14 – 19

Don is very hungry. He checks his fish trap and there is nothing in it. He looks for food and hunts with his spear and finds nothing.

Night 19 a storm rolls through. Don is shivering and cold.

Is this guy going to get any food???

Update on Amber

Amber says her boob is bruised.

But wouldn’t a popped boob require immediate intervention??

Is she making it up?

Day 20

Don checks his fish trap and it is empty. Again. Is there bait in that thing?

Don gets emotional and says the place is beautiful. He says that every one of his senses is alive.

Later in the day he discovers 2 fish in his fish trap! Wow, Don caught something!! lol. He says that he is so happy that he could cry.

Day 23 – extraction day

Don begins his journey out. Is he going to make it?

He treks through the grass and makes it out. He is going to leave Africa. Don’s PSR raises from 6.0 to 7.5. Done lost 14lbs.

Apparently when the new partner arrived, Don’s 21 days started over again. I’m a bit confused but apparently Don was in for 23 days.

An ad comes on and says that Jake, the guy who survived in the Amazon, will be on Naked and Afraid XL season #2.

What do you think?

This was a bit of a boring episode if you ask me.



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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor guy, Day 2 and he’s already about to be screwed over.

  2. DJ says:

    That’s cheating! why does he get a new partner?

  3. Joann says:

    Will they give him a third partner?!

  4. Jane says:

    I don’t think Amber has as “high threshold” for pain as she claims. I think the leaky boob scared her. She calls Don a child for not bending down and handing her a bundle of grass?

  5. Alex Dihes says:

    From Russia
    Are all American females ugly or it is just in this program? Holly is so ugly like a monkey’s ass

  6. Tilda says:

    the chic that ” boob tapped” felt entitled .. apparerently thought her poo didn’t stink.
    Did she think the guy was there to serve her?
    This show should put just women with women
    No male to pile their problems on.
    It would also be good for a few laughs

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