Naked And Afraid – King of the Forest

King of the Forest. I believe this is the episode which was renamed before it went live. The original name was going to be “The Serpent Garden”.

Here’s the preview from Discovery:

Who is on the “season premier”?

Chalese Meyer is a recreational therapist from Utah.

She is paired with Steven Hall, a professional fine artist from Orlando, Florida.

The pair will be surviving in the woods of Alabama.

Does Chalese Meyer come out as a lesbian on the show?

The cat is sort of out of the bag already. Chalese explains in this interview: 

I was with a man and had been engaged for eight years. And I had fallen in love with my best friend, so I left him, and I’m with my partner right now. Before the show [started], I had come out to my mom and a few friends, but during the process of the show, they wanted us to be open and vulnerable, I kind of just came out, all the way. So the show will kind of show that. And then when I got home before the show has aired, I’d come out to everybody else in my life.

Is it safe to eat raw snake hearts?

On many survival shows I have seen people eat the hearts of animals. I do not know if it is safe to drink a snake’s blood or eat its heart. I did find this article: risks of eating reptiles.

More about Steven Hall Jr.

According to this Discovery Bio Steven is from Amarillo Texas and goes by the pen name of Nevets Killjoy, and some of his survival skills include Shelter Building, Fire by Friction, Hunting, Gathering, Tracking, Water Purification.

Here are some links for Nevets Killjoy:

Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter: @nevetskilljoy
Pinterest: @nevetsk

More about Chalese Meyer

According to her Discovery bio, Chalese is a recreational therapist, athlete, and some of her survival skills include Fire Building, Foraging, Shelter Building, and she is a Certified Wilderness First Responder.

Instagram: @chalese

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