Naked and Afraid XL – Human Prey

Originally airing on July 24, 2016 is Season 2 Episode 4 of Naked and Afraid XL, “Human Prey”.

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Day 13

Bacteria in Kim’s blood stream has given Kim “tick bite fever”. She needs protein. That means that Darrin needs to go catch some dang food!

Over in Swati Valley, Tawny has tick bite fever. And lashes! Are those fake? How does she keep them on?

Jake gets bit by a scorpion, then loses it! ahh!

In Pondo Ravine they guys are finally butting heads. Ryan is up at the crack of dawn. It is so hot in the day, I have no idea why they aren’t all up at the crack of dawn.

Eventually, Ryan catches a huge lizard! Nice Ryan!

Day 15

Darrin goes out hunting, but returns back with nothing. 🙁

Kim still needs protein!

Over in Swati Valley, Phaedra and Stacy find a deer carcass. Flies are swarming all around it. It looks like they are actually considering eating it! lol! WTF are they thinking?

Jake chops a bunch of it up and it actually looks pretty good.

But, then they go to eat it and it tastes rancid. lol

Later that night a leopard comes to their camp. Is he looking for his kill or is it a coincidence?

Day 16

Over in Pondo Ravine, Angel, Steven & Ryan get together for a talk. Ryan is wondering why everyone sleeps all day.

Steven takes it totally the wrong way and gets aggressive. Ryan has no idea what to think and chuckles and Steven tells the camera later if that happened in a bar he would have knocked his teeth out. Yeah, about that.. Oh well, some people are much more emotional than others – nothing wrong with that. I figured we would see some of this..

Anyways, here they are having their little debate:


Angel taps out!

Angel really misses his daughter, and it’s her birthday. Angel wants to be the best dad he can. Angel gives a speech which leaves Steven in tears and Ryan with goosebumps.

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