Survivalists of Snapchat

Snapchat! It isn’t just for Kim Kardashian to make the duck face on anymore. Survalists use it as well.

This list will grow as time goes on and I find more survivalists to add to this page. If you know a survivor or primitive living guru who should be added to this list just leave their info in the comments below. If they primarily snap survival snaps I’ll be sure to add them.

Jeff Zausch
You may have seen Jeff on Naked and Afraid!

zausch snapchat


Lewis Perry
I don’t know anything about this guy but his Instagram was interesting. Supposedly he uses Snapchat.

lewy snapchat

Ben Murphy
Check out Ben’s YT channel to learn more about him.
Primitive Survivalist
Snapchat name: riverrat1010
YouTube Channel here


If you know a survivalist who uses Snapchat please leave their snapcode in the comments below.

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  1. I’m on Snapchat as user Survivalpunk from the survival punk blog and podcast. I would love to connect with everyone

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