Where did Bill McConnell go on Dual Survival?


In January 2016 Dual Survival hosted an AMA on facebook here. Grady Powell answered several questions. Bill McConnell and Grady Powell were the hosts on Dual Survival Season 7.

If you watched #dualsurvival on Twitter you would know that a lot of fans didn’t care for Bill. I liked him. At first I thought he was annoying but then I realized that this guy Bill knows a hell of a lot more about survival than I do. And I am watching the show to learn about survival, not to find a soul mate.

In the Facebook AMA some of the questions people asked Grady are outlined below. Please see the actual AMA using the link above on Dual Survival’s official Facebook page.

Is Bill really that annoying face to face? Or does he just seem that way on the show?

Grady: TV magic. we were in a very stressful situation, we had great times out there, but as you see, we also butt heads quite a bit. we all have our days. you just havent seen mine yet.

Why is Bill McConnell gone?

The AMA took place on 1/27/2016 which was the day of Season 7 Episode 3. So I am sure Bill grew on some people.

Honestly, I’m not sure why Bill is gone. But I don’t think this was a new career for him to begin with; I think he was just doing 1 season to begin with.

Bill has a business where he teaches survival skills.

I just read on Bill’s Discovery Bio that he trained alongside Tom Brown Jr. for almost 10 years. That is awesome. A Tom Brown book is actually what drove me to love survival and tracking.

I should also point out that not everyone thinks Bill is annoying. Over on his business’s Facebook page a fan wrote “Hey Bill, I just got through watching the 2nd epsd. of Dual Survival. Just wanted to say a quick hello, & let you know that your approach to life with such a careing heart is truely awsome. You struck me as the type who would always be there even when things get tough, with a lot of heart, & a hand on a shoulder giving support. I would guess those lucky enough to call you a friend find it a little easier to face their day with a smile. Your obvious concern and respect for both your partner Grady and for nature itself is truely inspiring. I really enjoyed the show. Stay strong my brother! I dont know much about Facebook, so I’m not sure you’ll even get this, but you rock!

Anyways, I think Bill was great.

Bill’s goodbye

Make of it what you will. On his Facebook page Bill wrote this:

“Thank you to “Discovery” for the survival world tour. It was an incredible journey, one I will never forget.
“Dual” fans, it was an honor to be the most recent primitive survivalist, on such an esteemed show. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, for the past few months, on Wednesday nights. Hopefully you learned a few things that will bring you closer to nature, and that will keep you and your family safe, in the outdoors.
I have been blessed with the most amazing family and friends, thanks most of all, to y’all…”

I can’t wait to see what Season 8 of Dual Survival brings.

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Bill was one of the best teachers on the show. That man knows. the. woods.

  2. Bills an idiot says:

    Bill is an idiot… He don’t have a clue what he’s doing, he talks a good talk then let’s the team down everytime… Don’t say you shit gold then produce bronze.

  3. tuppence says:

    Bill is different in a wonderful way, lots of people cant relate to someone different from the norm. Just think if we were all like sheep following each other what boring lives we would live.

  4. peg says:

    The very first show that featured Bill showed what an idiot he is. Bill & Grady were checking out a cave, and the concern that it might be filled with gas was a valid one, so they agreed to light the only match they had to see if it would blow out from the gas. Fine & dandy, but they could have had a tender bundle ready to go to light, a fire ready to go if the match stayed lit. Instead, they spent a very cold night unnecessarily. And the rest of the shows Bill was hit & miss starting fires. What a waste of life

  5. x says:

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  6. GoodOldBear says:

    Bill is a pro and knows his stuff. He has started a fire in impossible conditions that to me mere unbelievable. Everybody misses on occasion.

    Bill’s woodcraft and survival skills are superb. Further, his compassion and leadership skills offered to his teammate and his spiritual and reverent approach to the wilderness are impressive and inspiring. The world could use quite a few more Bill’s to help us all survive. If yu miss his finesse then you are missing a great deal of what he brings to the table. He had superior woodcraft and survival knowledge and brought it to bear when he could.

    One never know how scripted these survival shows might be. Sometimes I would imagine a few things are missed just to give survival “wannabees” something to talk about. Otherwise, the show might be too clinical. Remember, even though on the Discovery Channel, it is first, and foremost entertainment.

    I will miss Bill McConnell and his calm approach to survival skills. At least one of his subliminal messages is to slow down the adrenaline, make smart decisions and see them through. unless a good reason for change is presented. Together, he and Grady made a great pair.

  7. Steve says:

    To bill and grady.
    I didn’t understand about the one
    Match you u just threw away in the
    Cave ,I get the gas problem .
    TO me I think it would of been a good idea to get a fire going well first,
    Get a good fire going then take a
    Lite stick from the fire and throw
    The lite stick in the cave .
    OK the match didn’t work but
    You still would have had a fire going
    To keep you threw the night.
    Between the two of you gus
    This should of happened.
    Personally bill , you rock.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you were paying any attention at all… You would see that in almost every situation, Bill was the one who made the solid decisions. He may have seemed a little strange at times, but he was just a bit more in tune with nature than most of the people sitting at home, watching the show, who havent spent an hour in the woods, and couldn’t ever begin to understand the appreciation for nature. It’s really a shame people judge him by his character, and don’t see the true brilliance he had.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who jerked him off?

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