Yukon Men – Tanana’s Last Stand – Season 5 Episode 1

Tanana’s Last Stand first aired: March 11, 2016

Today was my first day watching Yukon Men. It looks like a great show- it has been on for years already. March 2016 is the beginning of season 5 and the season premier / episode 1 is called “Tanana’s Last Stand”.

Tanana, Alaska

I know little about Tanana but it looks like a very neat village along the Yukon river.

I poked around via Google Maps a moment ago. You can too if you would like:


The fire is nuts. I’ve never seen anything like it. Over 200,000 acres of wilderness is on fire and headed directly towards Tanana.

I Google Tanana and Wikipedia tells me that the population is 308.

Some villagers evacuate. But many of the villagers stay to fight the fire. Are they nuts? No, Tanana is everything to them.

The show features Charlie Wright quite often. Charlie transports firefighters up and down the river by boat.

James Roberts begins cutting lumber for a “fire line”. The hope is that the fire line will keep the flames back until air support arrives.

Stan Zuray is the most experienced firefighter in Tanana. To combat the wildfire he sets up a backburn. Fight fire with fire!

tanana fire

The fire rages on, eventually burning over 500,000 acres to the ground. Air support arrives with firefighters dumping water and other flame retardant from airplanes and helicopters.

Tanana is saved!


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  2. Jeanne Cox says:

    Love the show but wish I saw everyone,,Sometimes there are ,,Wish you were on every night

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