Zachary “Fowler” – Alone Show Season 3 Patagonia

Zachary Fowler, from Alone Show Season 3, Patagonia, goes by “Fowler” on the show.

Fowler is a Boat Builder from Appleton Maine. One his way into the show, his vehicle broke down. Fowler reluctantly left his wife and daughter on the side of the road.

Fowler grew up in Vermont.

Day 11

Episode: “Eternal Darkness” is here and Fowler is on it.

Fowler is starting to wonder if the sun shines on his area of the woods.

He builds a wattle fence so he doesn’t fall down a cliff near his home.

wattle fence

Shouldn’t he building his shelter?

Day 12

Fowler was not just complaining, he is correct, the mountain behind him is blocking sunlight from hitting him. Wow, that is depressing. He likens the experience to a pepperoni pizza that he can’t quite get to.

Day 13

Fowler finds a way to get to some sunlight. He hikes to the light and is relieved, like someone who was just in the desert without water!

Day 18

This is the beginning of the “outfoxed” episode.

Fowler later builds a boat with a propeller! It rides out into the lake. On it is a fish head on a hook. It is supposed to catch duck! I don’t know about this thing!! lol Is Fowler just wasting time???

Day 19

Fowler heard a splash and goes to check his “duck hunter” boat. It caught a trout! haha

Day 35

Day 35 marks the beginning of the episode”The Lone Wolf”.

Fowler starts his day off with his song, “Fish-head soup”. Then, he goes to work on his shelter. Fowler is looking like he needs some real food. Later, he discovers sign of boar nearby.

Day 36

Fowler builds some really nice looking traps. Will they work?


Fowler comes back to check his traps. One was tripped, with no food in it.

Fowler begins transporting rocks up a mountain. Yikes. This guy builds and builds. I am getting hungry just watching this from my couch!  Eat, Fowler!!!



Note: To see how all of the other contestants are doing please go here to see my master page which lists all of the contestants and tracks all of their progress: Alone Show Season 3 – Patagonia.

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