“Zach” – Zachary Gault – Alone Show Season 3 Patagonia

Zach is 22 years old. He is a WIlderness Skills Instructor from Ontario Canada.

Zach says he enjoys uncomfortable situations because he gets comfortable in them. He says he knows what it is like to be in the wilderness, alone, for over a month, and what it is like to go without food for days on end.

During the testing phase, Zach was the only contestant to get a coal going with a friction fire.

Will Zach survive?

Zach has a lot of experience and wants to test himself. Yes, he has been alone in the bush before, but did he have that dog and girlfriend last time? Will he make it or get lonely? He is the youngest contestant on this year’s Alone Show. This will be interesting. I hope he does well.

Episode 2

Only a few people were aired in season 1, and Zach wasn’t one of them.

In this episode, hasn’t eaten in 6 days! He is a little frustrated and is running around, collecting bamboo to keep wood dry.

If I were this guy I’d be eating the dang bamboo by now!

Day 8 – Zach is still running all over the woods, tripping on roots. He trips and falls onto his axe, getting a little slice his arm.

Zach taps out!

Wow, I can’t believe it. Zach is gone! His head didn’t seem to be in the game. His arm could use a little cleaning and a few stitches, but shouldn’t have knocked him out by any means. Zach wasn’t having fun and expressed that the challenge was much more than he had bargained for.

Oh well.


To see how all of the other contestants are doing please go here to see my master page which lists all of the contestants and tracks all of their progress: Alone Show Season 3 – Patagonia.

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26 Responses

  1. Patti F. says:

    Interesting that a fall forward causes a cut to the top of the arm. Common sense would seem to indicate that the palm of the hand or the under part of your forearm would be injured from a fall forward. Why not just tap out if you really wanted to go home? No shame in leaving that way.

  2. Tommy says:

    Also why don’t they do a better job when picking these contestants that guys cut was just an excuse, my 9 year old granddaughter could have outlasted him.

  3. Matty says:

    Haha this guy makes me sick. I’d love to be on this show. I hate seeing a minor cut on the arm take someone out. “It won’t stop bleeding” Take your knife heat it up and cauterise it. Man up!

  4. Thibadou says:

    I just watched the episode where zach decides he cant hang and gives him self a lil ole scratch to go home, where he belongs. So sad he took a spot someone with some heart might have prospered. I knew from the moment i saw him, he would be packin his lil ” man” bun home with a quickness.

  5. Kevin C. says:

    This Zach is such a misrepresentation of a real Canadian. It’s sad to think our american neighbors might think because of him that we’re all light weights, honestly we’re not. My thinking is he had much less experience than he led the producers to believe. I also think his inability to supply himself with food was a big factor. I think Zach may have faired better if he could have overcome his missing his mommy and his weed…should have thought of that lil boy!!

  6. Len says:

    Ouch! Harsh! lol

  7. Kevin C. says:

    Ya mabe a little harsh but if you’re going to sign up for a challenge like alone you better be prepared to last longer then your clean socks and undies…just saying 🙂

  8. Canook the lumberjack says:

    Hahahahaha after the pre departure view of Zach’s plush home life at mom and dads, doting cute girlfriend, and other apparent entitlements…it was clear the 22 year old milennial
    would not last long….Once he spotted the puma poop near his camp, he got rattled, and
    It was all downhill from there…

  9. Jon Davis says:

    Zachary Gault is a lame excuse for a survivalist. It’s like he thinks it’s a cool career to follow but it’s obvious he is just an inexperienced wannabe.

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  12. hendle says:

    Just now watching the series. I was not impressed by Zach. He chops a branch that is suspended and takes twenty times as many swings to cut it because it’s bouncing all over the place. He cuts bamboo and bundles it up then carries it with all the leaves and branches in his face and in front of him and the stalks and stems poking out behind him. Then complains about tripping over tree roots because he can’t see them. Common sense would tell you to turn the bundle around. And he does this several times. He may have some learned survival skills but little common sense.

    • Jez says:

      Totally agree. The way he was carrying that bamboo was making me yell at the screen. I’m surprised by the overall lack of first aid skills in these survivalists. I haven’t seen anyone elevate the wound (when possible) to slow the bleeding. Basic first aid 101. Clean it well, disinfect it, pull the edges together with a butterfly bandage, and elevate. It’s pretty easy.

      • Kathy Fitzpatrick says:

        Those cats that tap out after a couple of days, wtf?!
        Why go through all that preliminary crap just to give up after a few days!! Makes no sense.
        That’s a hell of a lot of money to give up on.

    • Kathy Fitzpatrick says:

      Ditto!! He kept bitching & moaning about the millions of protruding roots, but does he slow TF DOWN & watch where he’s placing his feet?? That would be NO!!! What a dip shit. Him fall down and dot a boo-boo!!

    • Kathy Fitzpatrick says:


  13. Kathy Fitzpatrick says:

    Oh my GAWD!! All of you guys totally stole my thunder!! My 88 year old Mother and I just started watching this series (we used to watch Naked & Alone) ••• that Zach kid was trying to be soo ‘wildmanish’ yelling/screaming like a banshee. So stupid. And the point re: the fact that they seem to lack most BASIC emergency medical care~as the extraction boat pulled up to to where Mary Kate was, they started yelling “Elevate your hand! Elevate your hand!” Are you KIDDING me?!
    That kinda stuff is going to make my Mother insane, because I will NOW start to criticize everything about the contestants that seems unbelievable and contrived. She HATES it when I start with my never-ending “Did you SEE that?!” Then I rewind the show….lol!
    Like the guy in S2 (forgot which episode) that had told his friends at home that any bears that he wasn’t afraid of bears; that the bears better watch out for HIM…. then he TAPS OUT BEFORE IT GOT DARK!!! Lol!! Lol!! They really SHOULD screen these folks better. I think they should require that applicants actually be placed somewhere and dropped off and stay there for 7 days as a “dry run” just to attempt to expose their weaknesses before they’re accepted. Those little exhibitions are clearly inadequate. And he’ll no, I wouldn’t be able to do it, nor would I SAY that I could.

  14. Rod McClure says:

    My wife and I watch pretty much all survivor shows. Once I saw this guy at mom and dad’s house with his Gf I knew he wouldn’t last. Especially when I saw him build 1 stinking M trap for fishing. Please screen these people better.

  15. Zach Faker says:

    Zach Wannabe totally staged his exit from beginning to end. It was embarrassingly contrived..

    Why was he focused on climbing up a hillside with difficult terrain when he hasn’t eaten in over a week? His feeble attempt at fishing was to passively fish by creating an M trap too close to shore. No ACTIVE fishing nor did he attempt to find any other food sources.

    Did he really believe he would be able to create that halfassed M and the fish would swim to him?!? A survivalist trainer? Really!?! What a joke!

    His actions after he cut himself were so suspicious. Not worthy of a high school drama student. His affected scream “Oh my God!” was embarrassing to watch.

    What a shame he somehow fooled the interview team who seemed to be most impressed that he was able to create friction fire. He was also able to cut himself in an effort to make viewers believe he had been injured. “I cut my arm and it won’t stop bleeding”; raise it up and put some pressure on it.

    It was a minor cut that needed to be washed and bandaged. Speaks volumes about this kid’s character.

  16. Jeff Streck says:

    Being a old country boy who retired as an inner city homicide detective…Yup cultural SHOCK…I know people and I KNOW injuries….After calling and saying I cut myself and it won’t stop bleeding he try playing the tuff guy on the final episode saying I tried keeping the cut away from the medical team…PLEASE…MR. PAMPERED CUT HIS LEFT ARM WITH HIS RIGHT HAND USING HIS KNIFE….Bet my last buck…Also, anyone see stiches…Hey got no problem with tapping out, truly I dont…BUT KEEP IT REAL…

  17. Will says:

    Biggest little bitch ever and a bad actor..

  18. Rob says:

    What a soft cock .. wilderness survival teacher ..
    ha ha ha .. I’ve seen 11 year old girls tougher than him ., man what a loser

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