Naked and Afraid – Bad Blood

Naked and Afraid “Bad Blood” Airs May 22 2016 and is Season 5 Episode 11. I am going to live blog this episode below. This page will be updated while it airs. I’ll also be on Twitter commenting @Lenraleigh.

Please comment at the bottom with any input you may have!

Bad Blood is being filmed in Nicaragua. The contestants this episode are Nicole Terry and Angel Rodriguez.

From what I have heard, Nicole is a 27yr old black belt in Taekwondo. Her Bio on Discovery says that she is a nursing student from Hanover Massachusetts. Nicole is active on Instagram here: @Nicole_and_Doobie. According to her most recent post she will enter Nicaragua with a 5.9 PSR and her skills include shelter building and water purification.

Angel is 37 and from Puerto Rico and grew up in Santa Cruz. According to his bio he’s a master improviser.

It begins:

Nicaragua is in a drought. They are trying to avoid snake, tarantulas, and caimin. They come to the “lake” they were looking for and it is a small stream of solid green disgusting water with dead fish floating in it.

After several hours of Nicole trying to get a fire started Angel jumps in and gets it lit. They cook the water for quite some time which looks like pea soup and drink it.

Day 4 Angel is out getting water and hunting while Nicole is at the camp lying  down. He catches an iguana, and they cook it and eat it. Actually I’m not sure if it is day 4 or 5 when he catches the iguana- the days are flying by.

On day 6 Nicole is lying on her back and stung by a scorpion!!

Angel making a fish trap

Angel making a fish trap

They go on a hike looking for greener pastures and find a lake to take a dip in. It is 101 degrees!

The argument!

Well I knew it was only a matter of time before things got ugly. Angel suggests that Nicole had a maid while growing up. Angel spent time on the streets as a kid and has obviously heard enough complaining from Nicole. It doesn’t go over so well. lol.

Day 10 everyone is needing some protein pretty bad. Angel builds a really cool deadfall trap with spikes on it in an effort to catch a caiman. It fails but was a great effort. Will he try again?

Later they together catch a turtle but Nicole drops it and tries to blame Angel.

The epiphany

Day 13 Nicole realizes she has been miserable and not pulling her own weight. She apologizes. Over the next several days she helps collect wood, get water and do other chores to help out and work as a team.

The Boa

Nicole encounters a boa, and, she actually catches it! Woohoo, good job Nicole. Judging by the twitter hashtag #NakedandAfraid it is too little too late but, hey, she is making an effort.

Day 21 – Extraction Day

The contestants begin making their exit and encounter a tarantula and change direction. They make it out!

Nicole has lost 20lbs and ends with a 6.1 PSR.

Angel lost 33lbs! Angel goes from a 7.3 to an 8.1.

Naked and Afraid XL sneak peeks

Phaedra will be on Sunday July 10, 2016 on Naked and Afraid XL!

Come back next week

And read about and comment on the next episode of Naked and Afraid, “23 Days”.


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21 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    What was the name of that tarantula? Horse biter?

  2. ron porter says:

    25 minutes into this episode and I have only one thing to say. Get off your ass and do something Nicole and Don’t give us Bostonians a bad name

  3. Colleen says:

    Nicole is lazy, I thought she didn’t like lazy people

  4. Don says:

    Angel is a patient guy. That is very admirable.

  5. David says:

    I have a mix review for this episode. Nicole started out saying “She dealt with LAZY PEOPLE all her life”. Then right after she got some water in her gut, she remarked “She needs a few more pots of water before she does ANYTHING”. Right there, I figured the Naked & Afraid producers found another “nothing” for this episode. Only when Angel confronted her with her questionable “skill set” did she got off her dead behind.
    Now for the good part. Nicole receded into her world and found the “spirit” to do better. What she did until the end of the show earned my RESPECT for her. I hope she will be considered for the Naked & Afraid XL. The group I’m with (4 guys and 3 women) all agree, if she was paired with an alpha male, she would have surely “tapped out”.

  6. Suzanne Helms says:

    Nicole definitely has some anger issues in regards to her mother. You could see it by her body language as well as what came out of her mouth. I hope she gets her issues resolved.

  7. Suzanne Helms says:

    Angel was in the 2016 XL challenge but tapped out. I suppose he didn’t like to be caught between two alpha males. Plus, he missed his daughter. That was sweet.

  8. Alfredo says:

    lmao black belt my ass!

  9. Jeff says:

    Anyone else think the production crew salts the location with “redemption boas”?

    I’ve also noticed that when the female contestant is much weaker/lazier than the male, they make a very rapid turnaround at the end, with concludes with the male struggling/having some issue on the hike/swim out where the redemption arc concludes with the female carrying the team in some insignificant or seemingly scripted manner. With the sex roles reversed the miracle does not occur.

    This show is annoyingly tweeked/scripted/micromanaged by the production crew who clearly vote in a similar manner to the rest of (((Hollywood))).

  10. Lawrence McManus says:

    l am amazed that that most contestants make no effort to protect their feet, nor do they make an effort to purify the water by filter through rocks and sand or dig a hole close to the source. I noticed that when some contestants do protect their feet soon after they are bare foot again. Being a farrier ( no feet no horse ) I am for total protection of feet because it applies to us also, do the producers encourage the contestant to go total barefoot, it appears that way to me. What protection do the producers offer from dangerous animals? there has to be some.

  11. viagra says:

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  12. Erik K says:

    Nicole was ALL talk.. she was so obnoxious the way she would rationalize her lazy behavior or rationalize her inaction to do anything for herself into some backwards logic to make it seem like she is intentionally acting that way as part of her survival strategy.. ie “im an endurance athlete” “not going to burn myself out trying to keep pace” “its ok ill wait for you to finish that, we are a team”

    And when Angel finally called her out for not doing anything, being spoiled, and “probably had everything done for her” and “had a maid” she acted like he spit in her face. When Angel apologized to her for her gross overreation i cringed.. he is a good man and he took the high road, but she needed to hear it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My dad is angel
    I’m the little girl in the beginning

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stop saying you’re tough Nicole and just be tough.

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