Remote Survival – Rising Tide – Season 1 Episode 2

In this video of Remote Survival, Anthony Trucks and Sarah Tiefenthaler visit the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah’s Journey

I was pulling for Sarah to make it through. She was very cold throughout her trek but ended up doing great.

She begins navigating through a swamp. A snake startles her but the snake is harmless and she quickly recovers.

Alex Coker is her guide and keeps Sarah pushing through obstacles. Sarah swims through several very cold rivers.

She arrives at the beach near her halfway point and is disappointed to learn that she is stuck on the beach just short of the planned area where she would set up camp.

Sarah has a bad time trying to get her fire started. Her fingers are cold and pre-hypothermic.  After 1AM the darn fire finally starts!

In the morning Sarah locates some bottles and a can and fresh water and boils water at the fire. Later on the beach, she gets a snack- a cat tail- which she says tastes like a cucumber.

Sarah repels down a cliff in the episode and keeps on pushing on. Eventually, she makes it to her extraction point. Yay!

sarah tiefenthaler

Anthony’s Journey

Anthony gets started and quickly encounters a lake that he must swim across. He builds a raft to keep his gear dry and begins swimming across the lake. Anthony’s remote survivalist is Cliff Hodges. Cliff informs Anthony when he is half way across the lake that is the point where many people get frustrated. The water is very cold and Anthony pushes on- one hand on the raft and one swimming.

Anthony states early in the show that he is a picky eater. When Anthony reaches the beach he finds a shellfish which would provide him with calories, protein and fat. He ditches the stinky shellfish and presses on.

Towards nightfall he gathers driftwood for a fire. Cliff informs Anthony that in his pack he has a bow drill fire kit. He uses his shoelace to complete the bow and spin the drill’s spindle. In short order Anthony has made his first fire!

In the morning he collects dew for water and hydration from the grass using his sock. Cliff points out that cotton collects and absorbs water very well. Unfortunately, the water tastes bad.

Anthony presses on with the rest of his journey and makes his extraction point!

anthony trucks

Who is Anthony Trucks?

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL football player. His twitter is here and he now owns

In a recent reddit AMA Anthony says, in response to a question about his current business:

Very welcome, I’m actually having fun. I’ve always had a desire to help as many people as possible. I came from a pretty bad childhood and have had a roller coaster of a life even since then. So when I left the NFL I wanted to give back how I knew, which was sports. So I opened up a gym from to help athletes like myself have a place to call home and develop the skills to play at a higher level. The gym thrived for 6 years and then I was introduced to new things and new opportunities.

I started consulting on ergonomics for the local power company and started speaking a lot. I fell in love with talking to people and helping them on a mass scale, and people liked hearing about my life, my perspectives, and lessons ways I could help. So I closed the gym and shifted gears and opened a company where I now travel the world and speak as well as create online courses for people to improve their lives. Its called Trust Your Hustle. (Sorry for the long response lol, I might be a little passionate about it)

Watch the full episode of Remote Survival – Rising Tide – Season 1 Episode 2 online:

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