Game2: Winter – Siberia Survival Show Information

game2 winter

This page will serve as the master page on this site for information on the Siberian survival show: Game2: Winter.


When will the show air?

July 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018

What TV channel will the show be on?

As far as I know at the moment, the show will be aired on the Internet. Where? No idea. There is a Facebook Group here

How much money do contestants win if they survive?

Do contestants have to PAY to join?

Yes, 10 million roubles, aka $161,000.

How much money does the winner get?

The winner will get 100 million roubles, aka $1,610,000.

Where does this take place?

In the Taiga, in Siberia. Also known as the boral forest or snow forest, the Taiga is a biome. The Taiga biome covers parts of Alaska and Canada, but in Russia, where show is filmed, the Taiga covers most of the country, including Siberia.

Predators found in Siberia

  • Brown bear
  • Siberian wolf



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