Naked and Afraid – The Danger Within

Naked and Afraid “The Danger Within” is Season 5 Episode 9 of Naked and Afraid. This episode takes place in the Seminole Forest of Florida with contestants Tawny & Julio. According to the narrator, the Seminole Forest is home to alligators, diamond back rattlesnakes, black bears, huge mosquitoes and poisonous spiders such as the golden silk orb weaver spider.

Tawny Lynn is a single mom from Spokane WA. Her initial PSR is 7.2. She grew up in Northern California. Tawny has had it pretty rough according to her Discovery bio. She is also a firearms model. You can also find her on Twitter @TawnyLynnC but she is most active on Instagram @Tawny.Lynn.

Julio from Columbia resides in Hollywood FL and is given a PSR of 7.4

The episode begins…

After awkwardly meeting each other on day 1 they hike on looking for a place to set up a shelter. They find a stream and set up shop. A few hours later and they’re in pretty good shape with a fire, shelter, and water nearby.

On night 1 Tawny wakes up to see eyes near their camp. She wakes up Julio so he can be scared with her. Something is making noises…. The area they are in is known for black bears.

On day 2 Julio finds a snake and kills it. I think it is a rattlesnake. He takes it back to camp where he and Tawny clean it up.

A few days in and Julio doesn’t seem to be doing too well psychologically. It is great that he cares about the environment and animals but he gets really bent out of shape after killing a lizard and spends some time crying.

Day 4 Tawny is catching some sardines and discovers an alligator is near her. Later she is cooking the sardines and offers some to Julio who says he is not hungry. Is Julio going to make it? Why isn’t he eating?

Julio Snaps

Day 5 Julio is depressed and wondering what he is doing there. He says that he is having dark and horrible thoughts.

Later, Tawny takes a huge step and tries to communicate with Julio. Julio says that his dark thoughts involve hurting people around him and harming himself.

Who exactly is Julio thinking about hurting? Tawny? She’s the only person around! What is it that he wants to do to her? WTF???

Julio gets kicked out

Producers kick Julio. Thank goodness. On his exit Julio says that Tawny would want him out if she knew what was on his mind.

Is Julio a psycho or is the jungle messing with him?

I have been watching survival shows for quite a while and I haven’t seen anything like this. Ever.

Tawny is surviving

Tawny spends night 5 feeding the mosquitoes. Day 8 she finds a fish that an otter left on the bank while he was hunting. Producers skip the next couple of days. Day 11 a storm rolls through.

Day 13 Tawny is really missing her daughter. Her goal is to collect firewood and locate some food. On her journey she discovers some fresh bear scat. Day 16 the bear gets very close which is terrifying… Then on day 18 Tawny’s shelter catches fire! Ahh!

Tawny says that she wants her daughter to see what a woman is capable of, and capable of moving forward.

Day 21 – Extraction Day

Tawny hasn’t had any protein in quite some time. Will she make it? She needs to hike 3 miles through a jungle full of snakes. I don’t know how long that takes but I am guessing it is around 6 hours assuming you hike at .5 MPH.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon Tawny gets a bit lost. She is starving and it is 96 degrees. She finds the river and follows it and crosses right near a gator.

Tawny survives!


Julio got a PSR of ZERO. Oops, I meant 4.1.

Tawny got a PSR of 7.9 at the end of her successful journey! Tawny lost 21lbs!

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  2. Shane says:

    I hold nothing against Julio here, and its really difficult to discuss mental health issues.

    I hope he recovered, he is a great guy.

  3. he just needed something to eat.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He seems to be suffering from mental health issues to feels. Did you see the cuts on his arm

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