What is Noob Survival?

I am a newbie (NOOB) when it comes to survival. I know that, and knowing is half the battle.

This blog is going to be everything I learn about survival, starting from here on out. As of March 2016, I am literally still procrastinating making my first friction fire. I have spent a lot of time outdoors, and with animals, but still, I am a noob.

I’ve always felt connected to the wilderness

My father did a lot of fishing, hunting, and trapping. He has articles in old Fur Fish Game and other magazines. He’s caught muskrat, bobcat, raccoon, fox, coyote, you name it. I have been fishing and shooting since a kid. I even knocked some of my molars loose on a Mini 14 while unloading .223. He was very ethical and respectful of the wild and the animals that he caught and instilled these values in me. I am very grateful for this.

I’m 38 now and will likely never be as great a trapper as he was. But, I have spent more time white tail hunting and surf fishing. πŸ™‚

Anyways my connection to the wild is strange. I don’t quite know what it is yet, a Qi or Chi? A life force? I hope to explore this more as time goes on and document this journey online.

Some of my fondest memories involve the wild. As a kid I spent many summers in the Adirondacks where my parents had a camp. When they sold the camp I came up for a final visit. My dad and I looked at the wall where he used to mark down the bass that I caught along with their length. We went fishing one final time. Not many words were spoken as we looked out across the lake and watched the sun set over Lake Bonaparte. Before dark came I hooked a small mouth bass. He jumped into the air and shook all around on my lure in the orange water as the sun set behind him. It was magical. We cooked him for supper and played cards and a 10, J, Q, K, A of hearts was played. The entire night something was in the air- nature was sharing in our last night at the camp. Too many great things happened to be a coincidence.

I have had many strange experiences with nature before and after that moment. Bizarre moments which are, simply put, more than random, more than improbable.

Survival TV shows

I have read some of Tom Brown’s books but I am not much of a reader. Well, I love articles. I read thousands of articles online. That is another interesting tidbit of info- my parents have never used a computer and I’m a network engineer- I just have a natural gift for math and technology. In addition, the amount of time I’ve spent on my butt has nearly killed me. As of late 2015 I have been exercising and eating quality food and being extra careful, trying to whip myself back into shape.

Anyways, I do not watch much TV, but, when I do watch TV, I watch survival shows. I understand that many of them are staged. To help myself remember what I’ve watched, I will document many of them on this website. I’ll try and throw my opinion in on them as well.


I made my own saying up: “I love food, I can’t live without it”.

A couple of years ago I took a strong interest in where my food comes from. Are my vegetables GMO and filled with pesticide? Is that chicken meat I’m eating from some horribly abused animal? Is it from China? Does it have arsenic in it?

These days I get my meat from a local farmer. I visit his farm and I personally meet the cow about 4 weeks before she’s on my grill. I have fed the pigs which feed me.

So, on this blog, there will likely be some stuff about food. Even if you don’t care about where your food comes from or you insist I am wrong about chicken, well, the local stuff tastes SO much better than factory farmed meat, I would NEVER go back for that one reason alone. But, to me, it is much more than that.


I will likely keep the SHTF stuff to a minimum, but, hey you never know. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am a realist and I do have good reason to believe the S with HTF. Maybe this will occur in 2030 or 2040 or after I have passed. But, it will happen. My country is on a financial path which is unsustainable. Even if nothing else happens, there will be an earthquake near Tennessee which leaves people without power or a storm that pounds the Carolina coast. There is nothing wrong with being prepared, in fact, the government recommends it. So, no, having some food on hand to feed your family and some ammo for defense and food on hand does not make you cookoo and is a sound investment.


If anything changes I’ll post it here, otherwise any reviews I post on this site are by me and 100% unbiased. I’m Yelp Elite and a Google reviewer and used to making reviews that are actually helpful, or at least address things I personally consider important.

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