Naked and Afraid – Edge of Madness

Naked and Afraid, Edge of Madness, is Season 4, Episode 4. This episode originally aired May 10, 2015 and was filmed in Guyana.

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The survivors

Afften DeShazer is 27yrs old and resides in Chicago IL. She begins the episode with a PSR of 6.0. According to her Discovery bio, Afften grew upon a 40 acre farm.


Zack Buck (@BowdrillBuck) is 26 and a wilderness field instructor. His Discovery bio says “Halfway through college, Zack was blindsided by a love for survival television when he discovered Cody Lundin through Dual Survival on Discovery. He read all of Cody’s books and watched a new scenario each week, learning new skills and trying them out.”

Surviving Naked and Afraid in Guyana

Afften calls herself the “ball of awesomeness”. Will her confidence help her survive?

On the first day they establish that they’re both married and that there won’t be any horse play. hehe.. Zack is a happily married and religious / Christian man.

They make their way to their first campsite and Zack coats himself with mud to keep cool and for sunscreen. Afften thinks it is a good time to work on her tan and goes without the mud. A few hours in and she is practically suffering from sun poisoning.

This isn’t looking good. We’re about 4hrs in and it looks like Afften is gonna tap.

A couple days in and Zack is getting super emotional. They go out on a hunt and Afften finds a turtle which Zack catches. Afften keeps it at bay and is afraid it is going to bite her! lol

Afften taps out

We all saw this coming. Day #7 Afften taps out. She wants to go home and she does.

Can Zack survive the remaining 14 days in Guyana?

Later that day Zack is out walking around. He strolls by a tree and in one of the top branches he notices a very large iguana. He kills it, blesses it, and eats it. Yay Zack!

Zack continues on but becomes ill. He is really missing his wife and isn’t doing so hot.

Night 18

Zack is on his hands and knees praying. He is sick. In the morning a medic comes in and says his temperature is 102.5.


Day 20 Zack heads out. At a half way point he sets up camp in a cave.

The next day he continues on and makes it out! Zack survived, naked and afraid! He really was naked and afraid! haha.


Zack wasn’t fat but he lost 28lbs! His PSR was raised to 8.1. Afften’s was dropped to a 4.4.

It looks like Zack was pushed to the Edge of Madness!

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