Naked and Afraid – Lord of the Rats

Naked and Afraid, Lord of the Rats, is season 4 episode 7. This episode takes place in Thailand.

This episode features 2 survivalists, Darrin & Angela.

Darrin Raey lives in Moab Utah and loves being naked. He is single…. His Discovery bio says “Darrin was born on the Wind River in Wyoming and grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming. He spent all his time hunting and fishing in the woods and mountains of the area, or roaming the hills of his uncle’s ranch. His quest to learn to live off the land started very early in life as a profound love for nature and as a way to connect with his Native American heritage.”

Angela Mellinger is a married runner from Greensburg, Pennsylvania who has completed around 15 marathons! Wow. Her Discovery bio says “Angela believes that survival depends more on having a strong personality and heart than technical skills. She might not have done anything this extreme before, but she knows she has the physical endurance and mental strength to overcome any challenge.”

Angela is a vegetarian.

Day 1

They arrive in Thailand and are supplied with a fire starter. Angela brought a machete which will definitely be useful. Darrin brought.. rope… hehe

Darrin brags about eating all sorts of animals from grouse to chipmunks.

Day 2

After a night of rats scampering around their site Darrin and Angela built a platform bed.  Angela gets a little skirt together  as well. Darrin makes some sandals which are actually pretty cool.

Day 3

Angela makes a comb. She has nice hair and getting the tangles out gives her a psychological benefit.

They go out looking for food and find some bananas. The banas are not ripe and can’t be eaten yet. To keep the moneys from the bananas they pair hand their bananas in a tree using some of the rope that Darrin brought.

Day 4

Darrin notices monkeys are near their bananas. He suggests killing a monkey so that the other monkeys will be afraid of him.

Steam vs bake?

Darrin has an idea to cook the bananas. Angela suggests cooking the bananas in the fire. They have plenty of bananas to experiment with. There is some tension as Darrin shoots down Angela’s idea of cooking them in the fire. Darrin says the bananasshould be steamed. He does have a point when he points out that most natives steam their bananas.

They try cooking some bananas in the fire but the bananas are starchy.

Darrin sets up his steamer which will take a long time to cook the bananas. Late that night they try the bananas and they are indeed sweet. Angela congratulates Darri. Darrin points out that he was right. haha

Day 6

All they have eaten is palm hearts and bananas. They see an injured monitor lizard. Darrin kills it. They decide not to eat it.

Day 8 – 14

The bananas are ripening. They are a good food source with lots of potassium. Not much is accomplished in this time.

Day 15

Darrin set up a dead fall trap last night. He was catching rats left and right. Angela is disgusted! Darrin offers Angela some rat organs and tells Angela that his is why he has no girlfriend. heh… Weird..

Day 16

Angela is frustrated with Darrin and decides to make a blanket. Darrin of course has a way she could make the blanket better.

Day 18

Angela and Darrin definitely need some alone time. I think both of them could stand to use some time without the other.

Day 21 – Extraction day

They need to navigate through the jungle and swim out to a boat.


Angela makes it to the boat long before Darrin. She swims back out to assist Darrin. Darrin tells her that his hip popped out of place. Darrin says he may not have made it out without her.


Darrin lost 6lbs. His PSR went from 7.8 to 8.2.

Angela lost 15lbs and dealt with a bossy partner. She went from a 6.1 to a 6.3.

If you ask me, the PSRs could have definitely been assigned better on this episode.


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3 Responses

  1. Noob1 says:

    If you asked me, I would say they could cut the coconut tree and eat fresh coconut meat, juice and catch some crabs without eating rats.
    Also they could eat young coconut leaf or its top. It is eatable and yummy without cooking. Even if they won’t cut the coconut tree down, why couldn’t they climb for the coconut. That made no sense to me for Darrin. Not to mention, that lizard in the show was eatable and cleaner than rats.

  2. Frank Rizzo says:

    Dang, Angela needs an attitude adjustment. She complains about Darrin and seems oblivious to the fact that she would’ve been in a severely tougher situation without his many survival skills.

    Yeah, she showed superior swimming strength at the end, but that’s only because Darrin got them that far.

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