Naked and Afraid – Frozen In Fear

Naked and Afraid, Season 5, Episode 3 is “Frozen in Fear”. This episode takes place in Canada. And it is cold!

Greg Wells

Greg Wells comes in a bit pessimistic about blonde women. Who doesn’t like blonde women? 🙂 He has obviously has had bad experiences with them in the past. His partner is a blonde woman. To his surprise she isn’t an airhead and they get along great.

Greg is 35 and ex-military. He is very confident in his fire making skills.

Upon arrival, Greg is given a primitive survival rating of 7.2 By the time he leaves he will have lost 30lbs. Dang, I need to go on that show!

Cassie Turner

Cassie is a marine biologist from Hawaii. How cool is that? She’s 23 and single. She writes the words “Sorry Nana” on her butt when she arrives and gets naked. lol. She is an endurance runner and her initial PSR is 6.2.

Frozen in Fear

Greg has a tough time with the fire. He looks frustrated. I actually feel pretty bad for the contestants as Greg appears to be good with primitive fire making. But, he’s not in Tennessee anymore- this is cold, wet, Canada.

The contestants shiver and shake as nights go by. They are able to filter water with moss in the mean time.

Finally, around 4 days in, they get fire! They feast on frog legs, berries, and lake vegetables.

Around day 7 the rain comes. It looks depressing, and it just doesn’t let up for quite sometime.

Once day they partake in eating acorns. Acorns from black oak trees are extremely bitter and cause explosive diarhea unless roasted properly. Fortunately for them, they only eat 1 or 2 (or 0) and spit the acorns out.

After a close encounter with a moose and listening to coyotes in the distance they eventually eat more frogs and snakes and make their way out of the woods, completing their 21 day journey.

naked and afraid - frozen in fear

Both Cassie and Greg contributed and made an excellent team.

What was your favorite part of this episode?

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3 Responses

  1. Suzanne Helms says:

    They were the best team ever! I liked that there were themes running through the episode, such as Greg saying, “Cassie, I don’t want to alarm you, but…” and the issue with the chipmunk that keep eating their berries. My favorite part was their facial expressions and conversation in the float plane after they were rescued. They exhibited true joy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    For sure the best naked and afraid episode I have seen. They worked excellent together, supported each other, and didn’t argue. Even after a fire couldn’t be started. More need to take this outlook.

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