Naked And Afraid – All Falls Down

Season 5 Episode 6 of Naked and Afraid is “All Falls Down”. This episode initially aired on April 10, 2016.

In this episode of Naked and Afraid the contestants are in Belize which has central America’s highest concentration of jaguar.The contestants are Kacie and Aaron.

Kacie is an endurance athlete who owns a gym. On this journey she is going to confront many of her fears. She is given a 4.8 PSR. She makes a wise decision by bringing with her a bug net.

Aaron is from Orlando FL and is a stay at home dad and FT student. He enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting and fishing. He is given an initial PSR of 6.6. His survival tool that he brings along is a machete.

All Falls Down

On day 1 the team makes their way through the jungle. Kacie reiterates that she is not looking forward to seeing snakes. They pass a howler monkey and a stream. They get a fairly decent shelter built and are raised off of the ground. A huge tree crashes nearby in the night.

Day 2 it is 103 degrees by noon. Aaron and Kacie make a wild decision which is to drink water from the nearby stream. Wow, I would not have drank that. That night they are peed on by what they think was a monkey.

Day 3 they catch some fish minnows using a mosquito net after Kacie gets a fire built. Aaron wraps the fish in allspice leaves and it comes out great. Kacie’s are cooked on a skewer and not as good. They compare notes.

Day 4 they capture a snake. Aaron kills it. It is small and they decide not to eat it. I would have eaten that thing!

On day 9 Aaron goes after honey. You would not find me screwing with a hive of bees in the jungle of Belize! That night a storm comes through and they are scared. They take shelter under their shelter.

On the 13th day Aaron discovers that he has a bot fly larva living in his leg! Ick!

Day 19 Aaron almost quit to go home. He decides to stay. They go and chop at a tree to get heart of palm which Kacie has been shopping at. Together they get the tree knocked down and enjoy a delicious snack which will make the last 2 days of their survival go much better.

Kacie just doesn’t stop. A huge part of survival truly is the survival mentality.

Extraction Day

Day 21 they make it out! On the way out the see the monkey which has been urinating them and throwing berries at them.

all falls down

Aaron lost 25lbs and is given a PSR of 7.4.

Kacie lost 14lbs and is given a 6.4 PSR.

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