Naked and Afraid XL – Lions at the Gate

July 10, 2016, Lions at the Gate aired. This was Naked and Afraid XL season 2’s 2nd episode.

Although it was basically the first episode with the contestants.

Go here for a complete list of all episodes.

First, the teams are introduced.

Sotho Gorge

In Sotho Gorge are about a trillion ticks. There is very little water. This is where producers put Jake, Clarence & Stacey.

Pondo Ravine

Angel, Steven & Ryan are put here and you can practically smell the testosterone through the screen. Ryan is military, Angel is a kind stay at home dad and Steven is just… pumped! hehe

It isn’t long before these guys are watching elephants, building shelters, and out trying to catch 200lb pigs! hehe

Swati Valley

3 women are placed here. This will be an interesting social dynamic. Phaedra, Alyssa & Tawny. Swati Valley is 4 miles to the southeast of Pondo Ravine.

Tsonga Basin

Carrie, Darrin & Kim are put here. Darrin is so docile, I don’t know what to make of this guy. Kim appears to be the most easy going person I’ve ever met in my life. I can’t tell if she is patient or just has all the time in the world.

Kim is whining and complaining practically as soon as she gets her shirt off. I’m honestly not sure what she is doing here.

Kim taps out

Day 4 comes along and Kim taps out.

Clarence needs water

Jake and Stacey go fishing and have a huge success catching catfish. They bring it back and Jake is shocked when Clarence says he doesn’t want any. Stacey says it is a dumb idea to not eat. Honestly, I’m not sure at this point. Is Clarence and idiot or is he on to something?


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