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Alone is probably my favorite show on TV. I do not watch much TV but when I do, I watch survival shows. The Alone Show from History is a great show where contestants are dropped off in Vancouver to see who can survive the longest. Contestants must battle their thoughts in addition to hunger. The winner receives $500,000. Be sure to see the FAQ below and ask any questions you may have in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Alone Show Season #2 List of Episodes:

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Alone Show Teaser:

Here is the Alone Show “Teaser”:

Alone season #1 was great. The contestants can bring all sorts of things, but what they can bring is limited. Of course, they are stuck in the woods with no help for miles and have encounters with mother nature and bears. But one of their biggest challenges is that they are alone with their thoughts. I imagine that this isolation would be challenging even for someone who is very introverted, especially if they are away from their family.

Following Alone season #2 online

What is unique about Alone season #2?

Women! In the town I live in there are plenty of people who live off the grid. All of them I have met live in families, this means there are plenty of both women and men living off of the land. I can tell you that they smell like crap equally! Although according to this interview, one of the contestants from Alone, Nicole Apelian, thinks there is a bias against women in the survival world. Maybe there is? Who knows. Here is a quote from the interview which is linked to above:

“I think Alone is really the first show that’s put women on an equal playing field with men and are allowing them to really shine through. They’re not giving us more than the men or changing the rules. They’re pitting women against men on an equal playing field and I really think you’re going to see women rise to the top just as men would.”

Anyways, according to her bio, Nicole has a plethora of knowledge and expertise when it comes to nature and survival skills. This should be good.

Who are the contestants in Alone Season 2?

Of course, this little blurb does none of these great individuals justice, but, here they are!

  • Mary Kate. Mary is a former Wildland Firefighter, 36yrs old, currently living in Shepherd MT. Mary is a stay at home mom with 2 daughters.
  • Randy. Randy is 28 a survival instructor. This guy seems to know his stuff but he has only spent a couple of weeks alone in the woods.
  • David. David is 50 and a former missionary. He appears mentally equipped for the challenge and his main concern is surviving the wet cold, staying fit and the isolation.
  • Desmond. Desmond is 37 and former US Army. Desmond says he doesn’t mind being alone. He has no wife or kids; will that give him an advantage?
  • Larry. Larry is a 44yr old electrician who has dreamed of living “with nature”.
  • Jose. Jose is an aboriginal skills instructor who is 45. Jose likes near the Yukon and says we’re all confused cavemen with TVs. lol! Love it!
  • Tracy. Tracy is 44 and former USAF and Law Enforcement. She lives on the Appalachian Trail and is hoping to find answers to life questions while alone.
  • Nicole. Nicole is an anthropologist and a safari guide. She teaches. She looks very outgoing to me! Otherwise she looks very promising. Will she win? Or will the alone-ness get to her?
  • Justin. Justin is a 35yr old former US Sniper. Justin operates Hike to Survive, a program for vets. He is looking at Alone as a personal challenge.
  • Mike. Mike is a 55yr old survival instructor. He teaches shelter building, fire starting and trapping.

Alone Season 2 FAQ

  • How many people applied for Alone #2?
    3,500 people applied.
  • What is the average temperature on Vancouver Island?
    39 degrees
  • How were the camp sites picked?
    Each contestant randomly chose a fortune cookie with their site # in it.
  • What is red tide?

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